WimBash Hartford 2005

WimBash Hartford 2005

In 2005, Doug officially called the annual event “THE WIMBASH,” as he has done every year since. WimBash represents the event name that Doug coined after many years and many countries of touring, where his name was frequently misspelled and mispronounced. It was in a hotel in Germany years prior, when upon receiving his hotel key with Wimbash written on it, that Doug thought to himself, “well, if I ever have a party, this is what I’m going to call it – Wimbash”.

The 2005 Hartford event also represented the introduction of Doug showcasing youth talent in his WimBash series
It was in July 2005, at an open mic night in Hartford, CT, where 12 y/o pre-teen guitar sensation Desiree Bassett caught the attention of Doug. Impressed by the young musician, Doug invited Desiree to perform at his annual gathering, the WimBash, the following night in Hartford, CT.

Living Colour bandmate, Will Calhoun, joined Doug at the 2005 Hartford WimBash – the duo performing together as Head>>Fake.
Sugarhill Records band mates Skip McDonald and Keith LeBlanc also performed as did Jaeme Brennan and the Electric Soul.

– Head>>Fake
Doug Wimbish
Will Calhoun
Keith LeBlanc
Skip McDonald
Jaeme Brennan and the Electric Soul
Desiree Bassett
Pierre Andre (sax)

Time12:00 am
Location2071 Park St, Hartford, CT, 06106