WimBash Hartford 2010

WimBash Hartford 2010

The Vision and Mission of WimBash is established

It was at the 2010 Hartford WimBash, that the mission of WimBash was established. While always being a community based, organic event embracing friends, family and fans, Doug, and his partner, Diane Nilsson, embarked on a future vision of WimBash based on the real needs of a family friend.


Having recently graduated from Hartford’s Bulkeley High School, obtaining an academic scholarship to the University of Connecticut, the young, soon to be college freshman appeared anxious. While excited to be starting a new chapter in her life and although having worked through her high school years, she was worried about being able to afford the books needed for her college classes. Once Doug heard about the girl’s status, he immediately grabbed the mic and shared her story, requesting everyone to contribute a few dollars to help the young girl out. A bucket was passed around, and through the generous donations of attendees, approximately $500.00 was raised and given to the teary eyed girl to help pay for her college books. The woman has since graduated from U Conn and is now attending Central Connecticut State University where she is studying for a Master’s Degree in Counseling: Student Development in Higher Education. She concurrently maintains employment at Connecticut State Colleges & Universities. She has also purchased her first home.


So yes, caring and looking out for each other makes a difference – education makes a difference. WimBash, as a community and family based, musical and educational festival has redefined how we look at pro-active involvement in making change.



  • Living Colour (Doug Wimbish, Vernon Reid, Will Calhoun, Corey Glover)
  • Tack>>Head (Skip McDonald / Bernard Fowler / Keith LeBlanc / Doug Wimbish)
  • Little Axe (Skip McDonald)
  • The Help (Dacia Bridges / Alex Scholpp / Doug Wimbish)
  • Vinx
  • Chops Horns
  • Phantasm
  • Dopapod
  • Jeremiah Hosea
  • Persia Sound
  • Pillow Theory
  • Ladell McLin
  • Adam Falcon
  • DJ Markie Gee
  • Mashariki
Date05/28/2010 - 05/17/2018
Time12:00 am - 6:00 pm
Location2071 Park St, Hartford, CT, 06106