WimBash Hartford 2012

WimBash Hartford 2012

WimBash>>Hartford 2012 was a jam packed entire day of epic music and festivities.
Following their recent acclaimed performance at WimBash>>Philadelphia 2012, the Fort Washington, Philadelphia School of Rock House Band were featured as special guests along with Doug’s Living Colour bandmates Vernon Reid and Will Calhoun. The students were thrilled to play on stage alongside their musical idols – Living Colour.

Continuing along with Doug’s support of education and belief in transcending music knowledge from the experienced to the youth, the WimBash>>Hartford 2012 musicians offered clinics and workshops (hosted by Doug and music educators Jaeme Brennan McDonald & James “Bisquit” Rouse) to the School of Rock participants and local children during the day. Programs were featured in music production, bass, guitar,
drums, percussion, vocals, keyboards, effects and tone and programming. Alan Friedman, CPA, hosted a seminar in music accounting and business. Products, brochures and merchandise showcasing Doug’s sponsors were available. David Koltai from Pigtronix and Andy Graham from slaperoo.com were present for product demonstrations and discussions. Give aways and raffles featuring products, gear,
merchandise and more were held.

Additionally, while working together with the musicians, production, marketing and media WimBash teams, the School of Rock students gained valuable skills in the many aspects of music and event production as they participated in the production of WimBash>>Hartford 2012.

Spanning musical genres from rock, funk, jazz, hip-hop, latin, reggae, folk and metal to reggaeton, blues, soul, country, ambient, dub-step, industrial and experimental, WimBash>>Hartford 2012 also featured performances by original Sugar Hill Rhythm Section drummer Keith LeBlanc, singer-songwriter-educator Vinx, Head>>Fake, Jungle>>Funk and Ms. Lauryn Hill band members DJ Rampage Global,
drummer James “Biscuit” Rouse and vocalist Tara Harrison. WimBash "alumni" Adam Falcon, GrindCity Philly, JJX, Jaeme Starchild, Phantasm, The Jean Marx Express, Mashariki Ramey, Thaddeus Black, Persia Sound, Martha Redbone and DJ Markie Gee once again graced the WimBash stage bringing a
powerhouse line-up of musicians to the City of Hartford!

Against the Girl, an Atlanta based band featuring Lexi & Luis Gorfinkel and Doug performed for the first time at WimBash. The band has recorded in conjunction with Graham Marsh, Grammy Award winning producer of CeeLo Green’s “Forget You”.
The Dynamics feat. Dave Burnett (Notorious B.I.G./ Jennifer Lopez) on bass was also welcomed to the WimBash family.

WimBash>>Hartford 2012 aimed to promote community awareness and involvement in supporting Sully’s Pub and Lena’s First & Last Pizzeria Restaurant, which hosted the inaugural WimBash. Lena’s, in the community for 30 years and Sully’s for the last 16 years, faced an uncertain future in light of financial difficulties and real estate tax difficulties.

Doug Wimbish
Vernon Reid
Will Calhoun
Fort Washington, PA School of Rock House Band
Keith LeBlanc
DJ Rampage Global (Ms. Lauryn Hill)
Adam Falcon w/ Martha Redbone
Grind City Philly
Jaeme Starchild
The Jean Marx Express
Persia Sound
Tara Harrison (Ms. Lauryn Hill)
James “Bisquit” Rouse (Ms. Lauryn Hill)
Andrew McIntyre (Ms. Lauryn Hill)
Michel Ferre (Ms. Lauryn Hill)
DJ Markie Gee
Mashariki Ramey
The Dynamics
Thaddeus Black
Against the Girl
Evan Wimbish

Time12:00 am
Location2071 Park St, Hartford, CT, 06106