WimBash New Orleans 2011

WimBash New Orleans 2011

It was in 2004, invited by The Meters Leo Nocentelli, that Doug first performed in New Orleans. The performance, on the Acura Stage at the 35th Annual New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, featured Leo Nocentelli, Bernie Worrell, Doug Wimbish and Zigaboo Modeliste. Having since performed in New Orleans together with many of the cities native musicians, and with a deep respect for the music, musicianship, culture, people and history of the city, Doug was honored when asked to bring the WimBash to the crescent city.

New Orleans saxophonist Khris Royal and his band, Dark Matter, were set to headline the WimBash. Like a blind date, never having met each other, Doug and Khris were soon to find a commonality which has bound them together ever since.

As the story goes, sometime before the 2012 NOLA WimBash, Khris attended an event hosted by famed New Orleans DJ Soul Sister. Soul Sister played a relatively rare track, unbeknownst to Khris. Immediately loving the song, Khris held his phone up, using an app to identify the song. DJ Soul Sister held her finger up teasingly saying “no, no, no – you’re not going to find it like that!”. After some guessing by Khris, DJ Soul Sister shared the song title: “Funkanova” by Wood, Brass & Steel. Khris researched the song, amazed to find that Doug Wimbish was a member of that ’70’s band and exclaimed, “Hey, wow, small world – I’ll be playing with Doug in a few weeks at WimBash!”.
Thanks to DJ Soul Sister and Khris Royal, “Funkanova” has become a classic song embraced by New Orleans musicians.

Doug Wimbish
Corey Glover
Khris Royal & Dark Matter
– + special guests

Time12:00 am
LocationBlue Nile, New Orleans, LA